St. Conrad of Piacenza


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St. Conrad of Piacenza

1290 – 1351

Feast Day February 19th


Allow me to introduce you to St. Conrad, a man who gave up everything in order to secure his place in heaven. And when I say ‘everything’, I mean it in the very modern worldly sense. Conrad was born into aristocracy and married aristocracy. He did aristocratic activities and generally lived an aristocratic life, free of worry and care. He was pious enough to be considered ‘good.’ However, his ‘nobility’ was to be tested after a fateful day of hunting.

In order to flush out game, he had his attendants set fire to brush. Unfortunately, a gust of wind caused this fire to flush out an entire forest and nearby villages as well. Our hero fled, allowing a peasant to be tried, tortured into confessing and sentenced to death for the fire. Before the sentence was carried out, Conrad decided to ‘man up’, confessed, and paid for all the damaged property.

It was at this point in his life that Conrad realized that ‘good enough’ was not good enough in order to get into heaven. He and his wife decided that the fire and resulting events were a sign from God that they needed to go their separate ways. They gave what was left of their belongings to the poor. She became a Poor Clare nun, and he a Franciscan hermit, seeking solitude and prayer.

Fame was determined to drag Conrad to hell, however, as word of his holiness and ability to heal, spread. Visitors from far and wide threatened his solitude repeatedly. So, knowing that ‘good enough for a hermit’ was still not good enough for his own soul, he made his way into a remote valley in Sicily, where he remained as a hermit -for real this time- for 36 years. It is said that he died while kneeling before a crucifix, and that his body was found to be incorrupt in the 1400’s.

 Help us, St. Conrad, to see God’s hand in our lives, guiding us and leading us into heaven, even if it means choosing what may be difficult or contrary to what we think is good or good for us. Pray that we may seek God in stillness, and learn to contemplate His mysteries. Amen


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